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It's Never Too Late To Be healthy

Reaching Peak Health In Middle Age

What Is The Best Type Of Exercise For Longevity?

The Wheels Of Health – Balance For those that read my blog, you will know that I refer to the “Wheels of Health” and the fact that all of them need to be in balance in order for us to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. The Wheels of Health

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Trouble Sleeping? This Will Help You

My 9 Ways To Have A Great Sleep During Covid I find that many people have trouble getting a good nights sleep. In fact a recent study I read outlined that over 52% of the population have sleep issues. I know personally that this is the question I get asked

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3 Ways I Am Reducing Stress During Covid

Last week I was asked to speak on a panel to Presidents, CEO’s, and Executives across Canada though Mackay CEO Forum. The topic we were asked to speak on was what we were doing personally or in our companies to be physically and mentally well during Covid. I was honoured

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The 8 Benefits Of Getting Outside During Covid

2020 -Spending More Time Inside and On Screens Than Ever I think we would all agree that this year being the “Covid Year’ has been anything but normal. Typically by this time of year, my Triathlon racing season is over and I am so “overtrained” from cycling, running and swimming

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Is It About the Destination Or The Journey??

The Longest 1 Day Ride Of My Life – 231km I recently participated in a 231 km Lake Ontario to Lake Erie ride that was the furthest I have ever cycled in one day. I have done multi day races before such as Giro Sardegna however my typical daily training

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The Truth About Coronavirus – How To Survive A Pandemic

The Truth About Covid-19 Today, I have deviated from my typical informational blog format by sharing a link to a video podcast that I believe will set the record straight with respect to Covid-19. I decided to do this as there seems to be so much confusing and conflicting information

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7 Things I love About Being A “Dad”

Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads Out There! Since we just celebrated Father’s Day, I thought it was appropriate to write my blog this week on what I love about being a Dad. As I went for an easy run on fathers day, I could not help but think

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