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The purpose of my writing this blog is to share my journey towards better health and wellness. In a nutshell, to share things that have worked for me on my journey.

Everything has changed for me since I embarked on my journey towards better health.

Here is my Story:


I had an “awakening” approximately 5 years ago. I went for my annual executive medical and thought it would be like the rest over the past number of years with good results. My Doc shared with me that unless I dramatically changed my lifestyle I would be on medication for High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol within the next year unless I dramatically changed things. In fact the Doc indicated I was “pre diabetic”.


At that time I knew things had to change and immediately and went on my own journey towards better health.


In a less than 3  months my Doc was shocked as all my levels came in much lower than normal and have remained low since. In addition, through changes in Diet mainly I have lost 40 lbs, have low blood pressure, low cholesterol and low sugar levels. In addition I have competed at the World Triathlon Championships representing Canada with my son Tim the last 2 years and continue to compete. I also now sleep well at night and am a much calmer peaceful person.

My goal is to share with you the things I have done and learned towards better Health.


By no means am I perfect in terms of health and wellness and in fact have a long way to go. However I have found that by taking “baby steps” towards better health it has helped me immensely. I want to share some of those things I have learned myself through readings, searching web sites and personal trial and error to help you on your journey to better health. Life is short and I have learned that one of the keys to living a Happy Long Life is health. In fact many say that the most important Wealth we have is our Health!

“My Goal Is To Share With You The Things I Have Done And Learned Towards Better Health.”

People always seem to ask me about things they can do to improve their health or come to me on Health Issues.  They ask me what I eat, what vitamins I take, what I put in my smoothies etc. People seem to contact me on any health issues whatsoever so I wanted to share many of these things in a more formal way.


I think is because through my various business’s (Employee Benefits, Health company) as well as volunteer experiences (YMCA, Hospital board and leading 60 Million dollar capital campaign as well as my own personal focus on health and fitness, people seem to come to me for any and all health issues. In fact, without ever having a plan I have noticed that all my business pursuits as well as outside pursuits have all been in the area of health, fitness and Wellness. It is obviously an area I am very interested in. Through everything I read and take in daily on Health, I feel I am somewhat of an expert on Health without having any designations.


I also believe there is a real need to help other busy, successful people lead healthier, happier, longer more fulfilled lives. I notice that most very busy people want to improve their health through either diet or exercise but are unsure how to go about it.

“The One Thing That Seems To Slip For Busy, Successful People Is Their Health.”

I have had my own life challenges, battles with weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeping issues, drinking too much, working too much, drinking too much coffee. In fact I ended up in a Coma with less than a 10% chance of living and with Gods grace I somehow survived. I thank God for this.

3 years ago…I  turned things around and very quickly. I have taken baby steps in order to change my health. Have I 100% figured it out? Not a chance. It is a journey towards better health and I continue to work at it and continue to try and get better and healthier.


Part of the issue is life has been very busy. I have owned 3 successful companies, married to my wife Barb, raising 3 kids, working out, sitting on boards, chairing capital campaigns, traveling etc etc etc. very very busy which I believe lead to some of my health issues. In short, life got in the way of health.

What I have found is that the one thing that seems to slip for busy, successful people is their health.


My goal through this blog is to help you be a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

I hope you enjoy and enjoy all the great things that come with better health!

Yours in good  health, Kev