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Kevin has recorded some great advice for your health and the wellness of your company. Take a few moments and enjoy a podcast. They are great while you are working out or driving to the office.



Episode #2004: Transforming Recovery with Ross Wilson

On today’s episode, Ross Wilson joins us for an incredible discussion on the power of kindness when healing from adverse life experiences. When Ross’ mother was diagnosed with cancer and Ross went through his own mental health struggles, he was inspired to make positive change and work towards meaningful actions for his community. During the pandemic, burnout amongst healthcare workers was widespread. Ross is using his knowledge in the field to partner with PsyMood and help make mental health support accessible to larger groups of first responders and front-line workers.

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Episode #2003: Better Sooner With Veronika Litinski

Veronika Litinski serves as CEO at Pillcheck. Veronika is a medicinal chemist by training and she worked in capital markets in the United States prior to focusing on Digital Health. Previously she served as Practice Lead for Health at MaRS Discovery District and piloted the launch of a cognitive health assessment software company developed by the Baycrest Hospital. Join Kevin and Veronika for a candid conversation about pharmacogenetics, why it is so important in choosing the right medications and more!

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Episode #2002: Taking Total Power With Lois Nahirney

Dr. Lois Nahirney shares how the revolutionary new world of DNA information can provide unique and personalized insight into your everyday health to help you take targeted action to live a happier, healthier life. DNA testing provides foundational information about our bodies that we have never before had. It can now provide insight that allows us to make better decisions about our diet, fitness and health based on our unique genetic makeup. By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to live a healthier life. Lois and

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Episode #2001: Virtual Healthcare in Canada – Breaking Boundaries with Brett Belchetz

Today we have a very special guest join us on our very first Episode of Season 2 of the N2L podcast. Brett Belchetz is the CEO of Maple, Canada’s leading health platform for virtual healthcare.  Advica Health has recently partnered with Maple to offer our members an elevated virtual care experience. Brett and Kevin get into his initial idea of how to revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it, some challenges endured along the way, and on a more personal front, Kevin and Brett delve into some of Brett’s

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Episode 1015: The Future of Leadership Starts Now With Tim Magwood

Today we have a good friend and mentor –  Tim Magwood, on the It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast. Tim is a strategic, practical and compassionate leader and company founder behind one of the  largest private sales effectiveness firms in Canada. Tim and Kevin get into a great discussion about the current trends in employee’s ideal work environments, and what values high performing company leaders are upholding as we work FORWARD and beyond the pandemic. They also get into the Best Practices that presidents and CEOs are utilizing as employees

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Episode #1014: Fuelling Your Intention with Matt Brady

About the Podcast We have an amazing podcast to share – Kevin Brady is joined by his son, Matt Brady, Director of Business Development at Advica Health for a candid conversation on life growing up in the Brady household and his nurtured passion for health and fitness. Matt is a lifelong athlete, having pursued competitive ski cross and traveled internationally in his teenage years. Matt’s experience competing against Olympic level athletes pushed him to pursue bigger milestones in his athletic career. Today, Matt is seeking to qualify for the CrossFit Games. He offers advice on

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