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Inflammation And How To Avoid The “Yo Yo” Effect

Lately I have been reading a lot about inflammation and I am trying to pay attention to what “inflames” my system. A diet high in healthy veggies and fruits helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Last night we had a few too many glasses of wine and of course

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What Is the Healthiest Type of Meat To Eat?

One of the questions that I was asked this week while out for dinner was “what the best type of meat(chicken, fish or beef) is the healthiest to eat.” First, let me say that at one time,  I was under the impression that I needed to eat meat with every

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5 Natural Remedies for a Great Sleep

One of the things I continually hear from people(especially busy and successful people) is that they have trouble sleeping. It seems people either have trouble falling to sleep or conversely get to sleep easily however wake up during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep as they are

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Enjoy the Journey

Recently I was out West with Barb and decided to hike the Chief Mountain in Squamish B.C. It is a tough hike and is essentially an uphill climb for over 3k and another 3k down the mountain. In many spots it is so difficult that they have attached steel chains

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To Eat Organic or not Organic?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is ” Does it matter if I buy Organic foods”? My answer is quite simple. I try to  buy or eat Organic whenever I possibly can. So the question is, what does Organic really mean? Organic means that it is grown

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Thoughts that can change your mood – Daily!

At least once a day, I try to focus on 4 thoughts that change my outlook on Life. When I think of these thoughts, my mood and disposition changes immediately. I often think of these things while working out, during a walk or run or just when I have some

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The Morning Shake – The Key To A Great Day!

The Morning Shake – My Key to a great day! The single most important factor in my personal quest towards improving my health. Over the past 3 years, my wife Barb and I have had a morning healthy shake almost EVERY single morning (unless traveling). And when I say a

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