Better Or Worse?

A Simple Tool – Better Or Worse?

There is a super simple tool that I use on a daily basis that allows me to make better decisions from a health standpoint. So many that I have shared this with have said that this simple tool has helped them transform their health. In simple terms, it provides a decision-making framework that allows you to make better decisions. I call the tool – “Better Or Worse”

Let me explain how and where I came up with the concept.

A Different Kev 

A number of years ago when I was 50 lbs heavier and prior to me making my health changes, I was having frequent episodes of heart arrhythmia which resulted in a racing heart or irregular heartbeat. It got to the point that it was scaring me and I was not sleeping well as my heart was beating irregularly on a number of occasions. Since I was concerned, I visited my Dr. who suggested that I use a Holter monitor to measure my heartbeat and heart activity over the next 3 days.

When I asked him why the testing, he explained to me that with health, things never remain static, they either get “better or they get worse”. I have used this methodology with my own family when faced with any health issue and it is so true – any health condition as simple as a cold, the flu, or more serious health condition will either get “better or worse”.

How Does It Work?

I then started to use this better or worse concept as a simple tool to help me judge how I am doing every single day from a health standpoint. I like to explain the concept as “guardrails” for your health decisions.

Let me explain how it works. Very simply, everything you do in a day, ask yourself is it making you “better or worse” from a health standpoint. When you have your next portion of food, ask yourself is it making you better or worse? If you are consuming a Wilson Shake, then it is likely making you better. If you are consuming a hostess Twinkie then it is likely making you ‘worse” from a health standpoint. If you missed my recipe for the Wilson Shake, you can access it here: ‎

Another example is if you decide to go to bed at an appropriate time and get a good restful sleep is it making you better or worse? Better of course. However, if you decide to stay up late watching TV and end up having a shorter sleep then it is likely making you worse.

You can apply this concept to everything you do on a daily basis, – From Eating, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Fitness. Ask yourself is it making you “Better or Worse”?


Just the fact that you are asking yourself this question will result in better health decisions as you will become more aware of what you are consuming. Try this for the rest of today and ask yourself with everything you do, “Is this making me better or worse”? I am sure you will see instant results due to the fact you are asking yourself this question.

How Does the 80/20 Rule Fit In?

For those that have read my latest book or prior blogs, you would know that I believe in “Anti Restriction”. I believe that the reason most diets and plans fail is that they are all about restriction. Therefore my theory is that in order to improve your health long term, you need to allow yourself to enjoy or cheat approximately 20% of the time. This same theory applies to the Better or Worse concept meaning that there is room to allow yourself to “cheat” approximately 20% of the time. As I have said many times, if 80% of what I consume on a daily basis is good for me, then I am doing well. If you missed my blog on the 80% Rule Towards Balanced Health, you can access it here…-balanced-health/ ‎

No such thing as “Status Quo”

I started to think about his concept in other areas of my life and realized there is no such thing as “Status Quo” as things are either getting better(progressing) or getting worse. For example, in business if you put your business on “cruise control” or the goal is to remain “status quo” in most instances it will result in the business regressing. The business is either moving ahead or moving backward.

With most things in life, there is no such thing as Status Quo. Think of a sports analogy where a team is leading and then goes into “prevent defense” and ends up losing the game in the final minutes. This is very common as teams take their foot off the offensive gas pedal and try to preserve their lead and due to changing their game plan it results in them losing in the final minutes.

So for the rest of today and the days ahead, ask yourself, “Is this making me Better  Or Worse”? Try this today and I guarantee it will result in better decision-making for you from a health standpoint.

Wishing you and your family all the very best in Health and Happiness,



  1. I just read this post – and applied your “Better or Worse” test. As usual, better. Much better.

    Having said that, I also have a sudden craving for Twinkies and potato chips.

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