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It has been a tough 2 years for so many of us. I recently read a study that indicated that 82% of Canadians have experienced increased stress and anxiety levels since the beginning of Covid 2 years ago. I would wager the number is closer to 100% that have experienced increased anxiety as I don’t know anyone that can honestly say they have not experienced some increase in stress due to Covid. Whether it is working from home, the stress of possibly catching covid, kids being home while trying to work, I believe that the majority of people have had at least periods of increased stress during Covid.

My Mantra During Long Run On The Weekend

While out for a long run on Monday as the sun was rising,  I went through my daily Mantra and couldn’t help but feel amazingly well from a mental and emotional standpoint. I thought I would share this formula with you as I think it is one of the most important things I do on a daily basis to help me be in a positive frame of mind and improve my outlook on life and the day. I always feel super positive and ready to tackle the day once I have gone through my personal Mantra.

I typically practice my Mantra when I do my morning workout so I do it first thing in the day. I find that this sets me up for a positive day, allows me to think about those that are important in my life and come away feeling super positive. I also practice it prior to falling a sleep at night as once again it allows me to drift off to sleep in a great positive state.

Here are the 4 Steps that I include in my daily Mantra:



1.Be In The Present

During this first step, I really tune in to the environment around me and really tap in to all my senses. I notice the beauty that is all around me even if it is -20 degrees (like it has been recently!), windy, snowing or rainy. I notice the sound of the wind through my ears, birds chirping, the sound of my feet hitting the pavement (if running) and really tune in to all aspects of the world around me. I often notice the sky, the sun rising, the glisten of the snow on the ground in the winter or the dew on the grass in the summer. It is crazy how many of us go through life every day without stopping to “smell the roses” and notice all the beauty the world has to offer. So slow down, stop and notice all the beauty that is around you and just take a moment to live and be in the moment.




We have all heard the benefits of gratitude or being grateful and the positive impact it can have on our mental well being. During this step of my Mantra, I think of everything in life that I am grateful for. This varies by day and many people think it has to be monumental which it does not.

For example this morning when I was out for a run in the cold, I was grateful the fact I was able to be out running at all (for those that read my last blog you will understand this!) http://kevinbradyhealth.com/i-thought-i-would-never-run-again/ I was grateful for the nice cold fresh air I was breathing in, I was grateful for the sun rising in the frozen cold air, I thought of my appreciation for Barb and the kids to name a few. It is amazing how thinking of all that we are grateful for puts us in a super positive state of mind.



3. Love

During this part of my mantra, I think of all those that I love and have loved in my life. I think of my great parents Howie and Joanie, my family, Barb, Tim, Matt and Lauren (and Willa) and anyone that comes to mind that have played an important part in my life. I also think of friends and family that are no longer with us and think of the amazing impact they have had on my life. I also use this as a time to send positive vibes to anyone I know that is going through a tough time or battling health issues.

I find this part of my Mantra very grounding as it puts life in perspective and also allows me to think how lucky I am to be here experiencing this amazing life journey.



4.The Future Is Bright

You will note the previous 3 Mantras are focused on the “Present” and the “Past”. This final step in my Mantra focuses in the future where I think about how bright the future is going to be. I think of all the things in my life I am excited about and all the great things that are going to happen. The future doesn’t have to be years out, it can simply be what you are looking forward to that day.

Some of the things I think of during this part of my Mantra are my excitement around the future of our business, trips Barb and I are looking forward to, times with the family that lie ahead to name a few. I find that this last step of my Mantra puts me in a super happy state of mind as it gets me excited about the future.


There you have it, the Mantra I wanted to share with you that I find puts me in an amazing state of mind and ready to take on the day in a positive mindset. Put this into practice in your daily routine and I guarantee you will have an amazing day.


1.Be In The Present



4.The Future Is Bright


Wishing you and your family all the very best in health and happiness,


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